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Tu aimes les jeux action ? Sur on met à ta disposition des dizaines de jeux flash action pour toi et tes amis ! Pour commencer à jouer à  un jeu action, il te suffit de sélectionner un jeu flash qui t'attires parmis la tonne de jeux flash ci-dessous :

Dig Out Stoneage Fight Muay Thai Parachute Retro Wolf 3D Roadz 3 Foot Ninja Cannon MV-017 Metal Armor 1945 vs 2000 Gone In Seconds Dr Dentist Chili Time Wu Dang Hero Iceberg Ham Escape Get Home Starship Eleven Darkness Project Board n Cannon Commander Bomberman Fishing The Sea Rayman FlashTank Astroboy Starwars Mashimaro Canyon Glider Santos Mad Cows Gladiator Bug on Wire Carmagedon Fight Man Hybrid Fighter Micky is Adventures Whipsaw Fighter Mars Figther Contra Snack Attack 3 Foot Ninja 2 Asteroids Duel Weight Throw Spacekoe Gorilla Stick RPG Monster Bash Balance War Demonic Defence 3 Piggy Super Fighter Micro Life Noemo Capture the Flag Boxteroid Battleships Gunman Flash Sonic Ninja Power Fucking NFs Chicken Doughnut Jump Aitchu Starship Seven Massacre Mania Bombaloon Soulmech Shinobu River Kayak Seven Frog It Pest Attack Ploop Sonic Samurai Asshole Bloody Rage Birdy Pedestrian Killer Galaxians Red Apple Revenge Crazy Shuttle Downing Street Fighter Cat O Mania Under Construction Breeder Nimian Flyer The Terrotubby Alien Invasion Planet War II Sheepish Fighting School Diablo Rock Paper Scissors Space Explorer Startwars Grave Yard Virus Egg Fighter Super MP Corp Extrem Tankage Wasted Sky Beer Monster Indiana Jones Crystal Craft KungFu Trainer Happy Christmas Ronin Frisbee Dog Peanut Slashing Pumpkins Dr Strangegutt Joe Barbarian Flashteroids 2002 Mario Brother Rayman Save The Goldfish Spectrum Saving Kypck Kaboom Air Wolf Bubble Trouble Mario Brother Police Bike Blasteroids Egg Run Samdodge Airstrike Bruce Lee Blast Winiped Invasion 2196 Hit Him Tactics Core Pol Diamond Chaser Kangoo vs Kangoo Pencak Silat Yeti Hammer Throw Crystal Land The Fly Asteroid Belt Bomb Jack Gosub Alien Invasion 2 Monkey Ball Sin War Zed Gordan vs Joling Goo Slasher Bubbles Polar Rescue Let M Roll Monkey Lander Algorack Big Brown Bary Golden Shower Santa Fighter Bell Boys Commando Arena Pang 2001 Hacky the Racoon Megaman Project X Fleabag vs Mutt Bowman Aspen Super Fighter Area DigiNinja RPG Legends of Hiro Chicken Ator Wild West Detonator Dizzy Paul Majestic Candyman Bobot O my Head Happy Rabbit Galactic Tennis Xiao Xiao Cop Alien Santa Klaus 9 Ball Cable Capers Downhill Adventure Hulk Smush Up Rocket Game Galactic Strife Flesh Fighter Q Beart Abadia Space Station Catche El Emigrante Death Planet Sea Monster Fortress Games Sailing Safety Run Space Fighter Do not Touch Sag Way Kung Fu Fighting Super Fly Chicken Run Super Fish Tanks Aliens Attack Cool Balls Paranoia Arm Wrestling Arno Bros Snowboard Santa Way of Exploding Stick Moon Patrol Pitfall Y2K World Domination Blitz Pencak Silat Shoot Salmon Free Lancer Bushido Fighters Mazegirl Super Raccoon Tetes Brulees Space Empires Skip Rope Bomber Bob Barb Jump Street Fighter Cosmopilot Skateboard Girl Dyno Mancala Snails Day of Slacking Dark Waters Catch a Toy Yankee Go Home Worldcup Bomberman Wak N Egg Facelift Crimson War Fare Lance La Hache Starwars Cat Vac Sabotage Where to Go Fire Storm Ant City Lawn Pac War in Iraq Go Fishing Lone Faction Aniki Ping Pong Snow Throw Sail Voyage Gandy is Quest X Training 1 Etherena Super Bug Long Bow Barbie Game Pearl Harbor Ploop Aventuras Bee War Kaos Bust A Taxi Combat Instinct Loki & Cat Invaders Kentucky Space Battles The Great Escape Gasoline Stupid Cupid Sumo Mosquito Blaster HUB.lo Ace Of Space Flying Squirrel Fuel Transport Shino-Beat Wack em Wrath II Meta Ploy Samsam Race Ex Machina FPK 2 Among The Clouds Sheep Jumper Kitchen War Fish Hunt Starsky & Hutch GoldenGate Drop Dare Dozen Jeu de singe Sharck attack Avenger Sheep Invaders Mario Brother Alpha Bravo Charlie MyYoung Fishing Check Point Delta The Arena Lightyear Alpha Escape Alien Terminator Hypurr Cat Millenium Blizzard Ollie Alien rescue Squad Jungle Alpine Escape Brare Sword Adrian s Battle Bots Air Fox Sewer Surf City Car Franks Adventure GAPC Santa Blinking Vomit Attack Lumber Joe Aqua Massaqua Lunar Lander Red is Rampage Birds Feeding Falldown Snap Shot Jump The Gorge Matching Pairs DigiNinja Kill Kenny Rigelian HotShots Ant Ken Do Whack A Beast Air Dodge Jaba The Zit Shino Beat Escape Global Rage Hungry Bob Le Poulet Fou Plasmanaut On Fire Basket Wild Mission To Mars Panic in Chocoland Entrainement Gardiens Sheep Teroids Pico is School Frogger Beat Tom Green Dog Game Ahsau NO Maple Story Bike Racer Angel Fighters Rocketman Gauntlet Silent Water Jeu Vote Mission Mars Nahuto Adventures of Bibo Skyd en Kendt Desktop Invaders Ant Arena Pharaohs Tomb Cable Modem vs DSL Matrix Fighter Entrainement Batteurs Crazy Koala Park A Lot Cat A Pult Yeti Sport 3 Megaman Juggler Bomb Jack Love Be Your Energy The Paratrooper Road Rage Itchana Tchones Minefield Of Death Baseball Typing Bojo De Race Zany Attck Cotse Spy Hunter Cyber Swat A Naval Battler Graviton Doom Air Fighting Monster Munch Zero Matter Fruity Basket Tai Chi Teddy Xevoz Showdown Happy Land Spank The Monkey Fishwater Challenger Interplacetary Fighter Spaceship Attack Bomber Fortress Fighting Spirit Bubble Trouble Counterstrike Training The K Ball Sky Attack Cronch Velt V Force Metal Slug Rampage Shit Street